Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses, let it be established!

Loving on Aging Adults

I’m a Senior and a Widow. I would highly recommend Mrs. Amelia. She is a very kind, caring and giving person. Her heart is so loving and she has shown so much love and kindness with care toward me as not only a senior but a widow as well. Many will be so blessed by just her presence and any senior will be so honored to just have her in their midst.

Amelia has bowels of compassion for all people that are challenged, especially Seniors.  I have been a part of her serving the seniors over the years.  She enjoys it quite much.  She has been a blessing to me over the years, blessing beyond measure.  She is touched with whatever the seniors are touched with. She laughs with them and cries with them.

“I met Amelia through a co-worker who saw me struggling with the needs of my mom who just recently had a stroke. Immediately among speaking with her she was very loving, sympathetic and proactive with my situation. I am very thankful that our paths crossed and she became an advocate for my mom. I would recommend her to anyone who needs guidance and direction.”

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