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Rophe Healthcare Adult Day Services

Rophe Adult Day Service was designed especially for older adults who want to remain in the community but may not be able to safely care for themselves due to a physical, social and/or mental impairment.

The “One New Man” Care Model is designed to provide care and services for optimal living at any entrance into the care continuum cycle.   It comprehensively assesses the individual needs based on their hierarchy with consideration of their belief systems, biological markers, cognition, and community support.

This Care Model does not dismiss an opportunity for a sustainable and viable life due to age.  The One New Man is a declaration of “life is in the beholder of that life…one can live a harmonious life in the right environment”.

Health Management

Initial and ongoing health assessments and medication management.

Brain Stimulating Activities

Mentally stimulating activities such as reading, writing, playing games, diet and exercise can improve brain health.

Nutritional Management

Nutritional assessments and monitoring. Balanced nutrition can provide cognitive balance.

Clinical Liaison

Liaison between client/family and Primary Care Providers. Upon request, we accompany clients to medical appointments and can aid in an optimal treatment plan by providing the doctor with subjective data.

Caregiver Support

Offer workshops that will provide information, education, and support for caregivers to learn more about the dementia phases.

Referrals for Community Resources

Referrals for community resources: resources for both the patient and the caregiver for support ranging from in-home homemakers to grief counseling.

Customized Care

After the completion of each assessment, and individualized client-centered care plan is developed to meet each client’s specific care needs.

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